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Chemistry Links

Chemistry Portals

Links for Chemists
THE place to start if you search for anything about chemistry ! Member Home Page
A club for chemists with usefuls resources mostly free.
Chemie.DE - Chemistry Informationservice
A useful German Portal

Chemical Societies

Societe française de chimie
ChemCenter: The American Chemical Society Online
ChemSoc Home Page
The Royal Society of Chemistry - Home Page

Software for Chemists

ChemWindow Online From Bio-Rad/Sadtler
ChemInnovation Software
ACD/ChemSketch: Overview
Free chemistry drawing program for PC's
MDL Information Systems - Downloads
Download free ISIS/Draw and Chime Plugin for Netscape
MestRe-C 2.01 Main Page
Free NMR spectra visualization tool for PC's
CambridgeSoft.Com Home Page
Where to find the nicest chemistry drawing program (not free !)
ChemExper sprl
The best electronic notebook for chemists on the market!

Chemical Databases

The National Center for Biotechnology Information
Welcome to the NIST WebBook
Visual Elements
Nice-looking periodical table of the elements.
Beilstein Abstracts
Keyword search in the Beilstein database (free).
ChemWeb / AutoNom 2.1
Generates theIUPAC name of a structure. Requires ISIS/Draw
The RCSB Protein Data Bank
MSDS Online
A useful reference for Medical Safety Datasheets
Enhanced NCI Database Browser
The database ot the National Cancer Institute: 250,000 compounds to search.
ChemExper sprl
Innovative search engine to find commercial chemicals from many suppliers

Chemistry Journals

American Chemical Society Publications
Home of JACS, JOC and the recently-launched Organic Letters
Elsevier journals including Tetrahedron
Organic Syntheses on Line
This reference journal is structure-searchable and available for free
Journals - ChemConnect
Thieme : Chemistry
Home Page of Synthesis and Synlett
Wiley-VCH Journals Subject Index
La Bibliothèque Universitaire des Sciences et Techniques de l'Université Bordeaux I

Chemistry Teaching Resources

Australian Chemistry Network Teaching Resources
ChemEd: Chemistry Education Resources

Research Groups in Chemistry

Harvard Institute of Chemistry and Cell Biology
Bonjour l'ICS
EMBL - European Molecular Biology Laboratory
The Scripps Research Institute
David Evans Research Group


National Cancer Institute Homepage
A Web Atlas of Cellular Structures
Great confocal microscope pictures of mitosis
TROPICOS Image Index
Shrub Garden
Vascular Plant Image Gallery (Apocynaceae)
Plant containing anticancer compounds

Chemistry Shops

The National Association of Chemical Distributors
WWW Chemicals
Buyer's Guide for Chemicals

Other "Chemical" Sites

NMR Knowledge Base
Useful NMR resources
Chemistry jobs
... self-explanatory.
Molecule of the Month
Each month a different molecule presented in details
Chemist's Art Gallery
Nice pics generated while making research


Atlapedia Online
How Stuff Works
Ever wondered how that stuff in front of you works ? Ask them !
Grammaire Française
Film schedules and critiques in France
IBM Intellectual Property Network
Free patent database search engine
Xerox PARC Map Viewer: world 0.00N 0.00E (1.0X)
Zoom on any place of the World !
Sommaire VosDroits
French government site: a guide to the administration
Classic 164 Currency Converter
How much euros in a buck ?
Dictionnaire Universel Francophone En Ligne
Webencyclo des Editions Atlas - Bienvenue !
French encyclopedia
Encyclopedia Britannica

Web Search

Fast and ad-free search site. Definitely one of the best !
ODP - Open Directory Project
Largest human-maintained directory of Web pages
Search here for pictures


Ghostscript, Ghostview and GSview
Postscript viewers
Find fonts, Try fonts, Buy fonts
The Ergonomics Home Page
Cutting Paper
Useful tricks to reduce paper consumption
Single Track Software
Home of FinePrint printing utility: let you print multiple pages on one

Chasseur d'Images
Site of the famous french monthly
iTiS - Le guide internet des photographes et de la photographie en france
Fédération Photographique de France
NEW YORK CAMERA - where to buy cameras in Europe
Photo material at good prices.
B&H Photo-Video-Imaging-Pro Audio Homepage
American site to buy cameras much cheaper
Calumet Photographic
Online source for photo equipment and supplies.
Focus Camera & Video Store


Roberto Di Cosmo's Home Page
See how Microsoft manipulates everyone
SportsSuperstore Online
Great place for sports equipment not available in Europe.
DEGRIFTOUR, le voyage à prix dégriffé
The place to find low-price flights in Europe
The Lord of the Rings
Nice place for pictures and news about the famous epic by Tolkien !
SETI@home: Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence at Home
Use your processor power to something useful !
Bienvenue Bordeaux
Official home page of Bordeaux city.
A good starting point for anything on Web design

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